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Send your abstracts/full papers in soft copy and IEEE Standard format only to the following Email: or contact +91-7042644772, +91-9654380108.

ICMDISR - 2024

Organized By : Department of Management Studies,
Dronacharya Group of Institutions

About The Conference

The forthcoming conference on Synergy in Progress: Navigating the Future through Multidisciplinary Studies, Technology, Digitalization, and Sustainability & Research is a remarkable and unparalleled platform for the brilliant minds as academicians, research scholars, students, business leaders and experts from different industries. This conference will facilitate exchange of innovative and creative ideas, fostering collaborations and promising deep & broad insights with right understanding in specified fields of interest. The conference enables different new and innovative research & development from diverse fields and provides valuable insights for the betterment of society and country.

Objectives of ICMDISR-2024

1. Provide a platform for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange

2. Showing transformation of Digitalization in Indian Markets

3. Facilitates new research areas in the area of engineering and management

4. Elevating the importance of Sustainable Development for saving our planet

5. Encouraging exchanging knowledge and building harmonious relationship between            participants.

This International Conference on Synergy in Progress: Navigating the Future through Multidisciplinary Studies, Technology, Digitalization, Sustainability & Research will serves as a multifaceted function that ranges from knowledge dissemination to foster collaboration and driving research enhancement in various fields. Participants will also get benefitted by getting in-depth knowledge about sustainability and digital wellbeing, addresses the challenges of digitalization in sustainability framework. The conference will provide a dynamic and enriching experience as it will engage participants with the latest ideas, research and innovation.

Objectives of ICMDISR-2024


Algae Farm

Track 1: Nurturing Sustainable Futures through Social Innovation

  • Social innovation and growth

  • Case studies on successful social enterprises

  • Strategies for scaling social impact through entrepreneurial initiatives

  • Collaboration between government and social innovators

  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainable business models

  • Role of Indian Companies in Social responsibility

  • Green initiatives in different innovative fields

  • Strategic Recruitment Campaigns (HR)

  • FinTech: Current Scenario in India

  • Data-Driven HR and Marketing Strategies


Meet The Speakers

Pink Gradient

Prof. Shayam S. Pandey

Professor, Kyushu Institute

of Technology, Japan

Pink Gradient

Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Luthra

Director, Training and Learning Bureau, AICTE, Delhi

Neetu Bhagat.jpg
Pink Gradient

Dr. Neetu Bhagat

Deputy Director,

AICTE, Delhi

Pink Gradient

Prof. Diego Alexandre

Chief of Staff at Grupo Educacional UNIS, Brazil

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-03 at 16.53.18.jpeg
Pink Gradient

Prof. (Dr.) Hannah Deborah Hamer Jamati de Souza

Academic Director of

Hayek Global College,

Federal District Brazil

Pink Gradient

Prof. Marcia

AIIC, Brazilian Consortium of Universities


Important Dates


April 7, 2024

Full Paper Submission

April 30, 2024

Acceptance Notification

May 6, 2024

Conference Date

June 28-29, 2024

Contact Us


Dronacharya Group of Institutions, 27 Knowledge Park III,

Greater Noida, UP, India

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